About Us

Executive Signature Services (ESS) is an established, exclusive executive car service and personal assistance company based in Maryland that caters to a select group of clientele that include corporate executives, congressmen and other government officials, foreign dignitaries, professional athletes, entertainers and other prominent figures. Our mission is to provide impeccable service for our discernible clients.

At ESS, we recognize that the most valuable commodity of a person is the actual person. That is why our team is relentless in providing quality, dependable, and comprehensive service. Our highly-trained staff is committed to ensuring that our clients’ travel experiences exceed their expectations.

ESS is owned, managed, and operated by dedicated law enforcement personnel who are uniquely familiar with the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Our company is unique in that, unlike any other car service, we only employ drivers who have extensive law enforcement experience in the areas where our services are provided.   With the background of our executive drivers our clients can feel safe and comfortable knowing that their driver is a consummate professional who is thoroughly familiar with the region, knowledgeable of laws and “rules of the road”, have been trained in driving skills and techniques, has completed tactical defensive training and other skills necessary to respond in emergency situations.”