The ESS Difference

Our executive drivers are more than just a driver; they are personal concierge poised to assist with personal and professional needs within the bounds of possibility.

Our company is unique in that, unlike any other car service, we only employ drivers who have extensive law enforcement experience in the areas where our services are provided.  As a result, our clients feel safe and comfortable knowing that their driver is a consummate professional who is thoroughly familiar with the region, experience regarding laws and “rules of the road”, is highly trained in driving skills and techniques, has completed tactical defensive training and other skills necessary to respond in emergency situations.

Also, we understand that many of our clients maintain a high public profile and require a certain level of discretion in their travels. As a result, ESS requires all employees, to sign confidentiality agreements that prohibit them from disclosing information regarding specific clients, their itineraries or any other information regarding their whereabouts while in our care.

In addition to providing “best in class” transportation services, ESS provides concierge-style services that allow our clients to make the most efficient use of their time and focus on the business at hand or other events that need their undivided attention.  We are ready, willing and able to respond to advance or spontaneous requests to assist with items such as making hotel reservations, dinner reservations, arranging for pick-up and delivery of personal or corporate gifts or making tee-times for golf. ESS will go the extra mile in order to manage some tasks that our clients may not otherwise have the time or opportunity to complete themselves.  We want to ensure that our clients have the most productive, safe and enjoyable trip while they are in our care.